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A.I.: How Much Longer Until Jarvis Replaces Siri?

A.I.  Artificial Intelligence.  We all have tried them.  We all want one that works.  You know what I mean.  You walk into your home, all kinda Tony-Stark-style, and an ethereal voice greets you. “Good evening (insert your name here).” it says.  Lights come on automatically.  It’s not too cold… it’s not too hot. You ask, “Any messages today?” as you reach for your beverage of choice… already made and on the counter.  I think we can all agree that Siri isn’t anywhere near that level yet… nor is Cortana for that matter.   So how close are we to Jarvis?

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The Man in the High Castle – Why you need to watch it

Binge watching streaming series is as common a practice nowadays as tuning into a favored weekly radio show was for people not even 2 to 3 decades ago. Finding something to watch on your favorite streaming service isn’t hard either. The more difficult task may be deciding what NOT to watch. With a plethora of choices no more than a button push away, it’s no wonder why we go on “binge” watching benders. No need to wait for next week; I can watch the next one now.

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Juno: A Mission of Immense Importance

What were you doing at 0852 GMT (04:52 EDT) on Monday March 27th?  I was just falling asleep for the first time.  It was 2:52 AM Mountain.  I don’t sleep much any more.  Ryan was probably already awake and writing the show notes for the podcast.  I am fairly certain Eloy was asleep as well.  It’s a good bet Vigo was.  What were you doing?  Not many of us were thinking about Jupiter I’d bet.  Yeah… the gas-giant.  Juno was wide awake! Continue reading “Juno: A Mission of Immense Importance”


Blender VSE Is Better Than You Think. Period!

I want to preface this entire post by stating that I am a tight-wad, a cheapskate, an overly frugal individual. That being said, it makes sense that I love open-source or even free software. That is the foundation for why I started using Blender as a video editor. Learning it and perfecting certain parts, especially the Blender VSE, is what has kept me around. Let me tell you why.

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Podcast? Why a Podcast? Scratchd’s Origin Story

Why did we decide to do this podcast?  Who’s idea was this? What is this podcast about? Glad you asked.  It’s high time we told that story don’t you think?

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Desktops: Tell Us Why You Are on Life Support?

I use desktops for almost everything.  I say almost because my cell phone takes up the rest of the time I dedicate to the internet and games.  Admittedly… I spend A LOT of time in front of one machine or another. I have to wonder sometimes though… how much longer will we need to rely on our desktops to do the heavy lifting?  Are desktops dead, dying… or headed there?  Here are some reasons why I think they’re not.

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Diablo III Necromancer: Not a Journey for Me

Last November  we were teased by Blizzard Entertainment about the resurrection of the Necromancer to the Diablo III character options.  I never really played the Necro much in D2, as I tend to favor a bow or a big ol friggin axe for my toons, so I wasn’t too fired up about it.  I always find the Necromancers to be severely under-powered for the things they are supposed to be able to do.

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Top 3 Movies From a Child of the 90s

Top 3 Movies

I love list posts and videos just as much as the next guy. Often times these lists speak to me because of the nostalgia that is woven into them. Titles such as; Top 5 Nineties Grunge Bands, Top 10 Comedies from the Nineties and so on. Titles like this draw me in. If not for that pure nostalgic kick in the brain, then merely to see if their list is up to snuff with my opinions. Alas, often times they are not. So I decided to create my own list. Does this list contain your top 3 movies? Probably not. Did you grow up in or even live through the 90s? If you answered yes, then chances are you will remember these.

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When is Deadpool 2 Coming Out

Featured image – “DeadPool” (CC BY 2.0) by JeepersMedia

Everybody’s favorite Merc with a mouth took cinema-goers and comic junkies alike by storm in early 2016. Ever since, the anticipation for a sequel to Deadpool has been growling in the bowels of both new and old fans. Boasting an 84% on Rotten Tomatoes, the film did quite well and “fingers crossed” the sequel seems that it could be just as good.

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The Bow Hunter Quandary: To gun or not to gun

My wife and I first began our love affair with archery way back in 2006.  For years we wanted to do something together that involved more than a TV and a remote control.  One day while walking through our local Bass Pro Shop, she found a video with a HUGE elk on the cover and a lady standing next to it with a bow in her hand.  She yelled across the section to me ” I WANT TO DO THIS!!”  We spent the next two years preparing for what would ultimately become a great passion for the both of us. These are a few of the things we learned along the way.

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