Desktops: Tell Us Why You Are on Life Support?


I use desktops for almost everything.  I say almost because my cell phone takes up the rest of the time I dedicate to the internet and games.  Admittedly… I spend A LOT of time in front of one machine or another. I have to wonder sometimes though… how much longer will we need to rely on our desktops to do the heavy lifting?  Are desktops dead, dying… or headed there?  Here are some reasons why I think they’re not.

Technological Gap: Desktops vs Mobiles

On average, between my 40 hours of work at my full-time job, the three or four hours a night I spend working on or recording the Scratchd Podcast, and then editing videos for YouTube… Wow… I spend a HUGE amount of time on desktops!! Holy smokes!  How am I still married?? My wife is a saint. Where was I?  Oh… sorry… back on track here.  There is no way I could get the things done I want to work on from a tablet or cell phone.  Its simply a matter of the available technology. While mobile devices are convenient… they are just not capable of doing the things I want to do.  So one reason I don’t think desktops are dying just yet is simply that… the other modes of electronic communication available to us can’t do the things a lot of us want to do.

Familiarity Gap: Desktops vs Mobiles

Yes I know… I am probably being a little callous here…  but lets face it. If I gave my 70+ year old father the latest and greatest cell phone, he would still only use it to make calls.  Maybe he would check a website or play a Bubble Popping game, but really he would only make calls and send a text every now and then.  There are more folks, even in my own age group who are more familiar and less intimidated by boxy, multifaceted desktops than an all-in-one tablet or cell phone.  For some its just a matter of being able to click the keys. For others its an old trusted system.  They will always choose desktops, or even laptops, over a tablet.

Software Capabilities: Desktops vs Mobiles

Ok Sure… there are an estimated 2.8 million apps available on the Google Play Store.  There are roughly 2.2 million on the App Store from Apple. Sorry Windows phone users… you all only have around 700,000 available to you.  Regardless of the number, how many apps do you the reader actually use on your phone regularly?  Be honest now.  The software available to us on the mobile platforms is no where near as robust and useful as we can find for desktops.  Think about trying to edit even a simple picture.  Can you do it on a cell phone?  Sure.  But it would be a lot easier on a big monitor with a pen tool or mouse than one of my fat, sausage-like fingers on a touch screen.

Desktop’s Fate

While I understand the technology, software and comfort level with mobile devices is on the rise, I just don’t see them replacing the desktop anytime soon.  Desktop sales have weakened, but not completely died out.  Until I can write this article, chat on Facebook, edit podcast audio and attend a Google or Skype hangout all at the same time on a tablet or phone, you will most likely find me here… at my trusty ol’ desktop… hammering away.


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Author: Rick Wilke

This native Coloradoan is the elder of the group. He is a husband and a step-father. When he’s not working he can be found producing videos for his and other YouTube Channels, playing a guitar, or watching his much beloved University of Denver Pioneers Hockey Team.

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