Diablo III Necromancer: Not a Journey for Me


Last November  we were teased by Blizzard Entertainment about the resurrection of the Necromancer to the Diablo III character options.  I never really played the Necro much in D2, as I tend to favor a bow or a big ol friggin axe for my toons, so I wasn’t too fired up about it.  I always find the Necromancers to be severely under-powered for the things they are supposed to be able to do.

Previous Necromancer Iterations

A long time ago I played a game called Guild Wars.  The Necromancer in that game allowed up to five or so minions to be conjured at one time, and even maxed out they would fall over dead if a sparrow farted 300 yards away.  From that point forward I pretty much gave up on the Necro Class all together.  The more I see of Diablo III’s version, I am interested, but not really enough to run to purchase the upgrade required to even play it.

The Re-Introduction

After Blizcon 2016 images hit the web showing concept art surrounding the spells and skills this new rendition is imbued with.  The more impressive of these is Corpse Explosion, whereby the Necromancer turns the dead bodies of slain enemies into bombs that rip through whatever might remain of the mob.   I find that level of carnage intriguing, but I have to think that the similarities to the current Witch Doctor toon are a bit too much to overcome.

My Final Thought

Personally, although the expansion promises the injection of new game content, the reintroduction of the feeble Necromancer isn’t enough to make me want to dive headlong into it.  I will find a better use for my $25 or so in something else.  Maybe a few boards or some REALLY nice Sapele from WoodCraft.  Yeah…   maybe that.


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Author: Rick Wilke

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