A.I.: How Much Longer Until Jarvis Replaces Siri?


A.I.  Artificial Intelligence.  We all have tried them.  We all want one that works.  You know what I mean.  You walk into your home, all kinda Tony-Stark-style, and an ethereal voice greets you. “Good evening (insert your name here).” it says.  Lights come on automatically.  It’s not too cold… it’s not too hot. You ask, “Any messages today?” as you reach for your beverage of choice… already made and on the counter.  I think we can all agree that Siri isn’t anywhere near that level yet… nor is Cortana for that matter.   So how close are we to Jarvis?

A.I. By Today’s Standards

Siri was created initially as an app for the iPhone and subsequently purchased by Apple in April of 2010.  In July of 2012, Google released its Google Now, which a lot of Android users now know as “Ok Google…” Cortana was demonstrated by Microsoft in April of 2014 at the BUILD Developer Conference.  For those of you reading this who are not familiar with these apps, or apps like them, these are virtual personal assistants.  They “listen” for activation phrases, and then act on what they “hear” the user say.  Well… that’s the theory anyway.  All of these apps have improved over the years since the early days, most notably Siri scoring a fairly impressive 81% user satisfaction rating, according to a study conducted by Experts Exchange.  The site did not date its page, so… make your own call there.

Using or Interfacing With Current A.I.

I’ve used almost all of them, including some off of the Playstore that were absolutely horrible, and I can say without fear that while the artificial comes out shining… the intelligence… well… yeah I think we are stretching the value of that word a bit.  If I am driving to work and trying to exchange ideas with a co-worker or one of my Scratchd co-hosts, I can’t have a window open or even the forced air running as I use the speech-to-text features.  Cortana is interesting on my home computer, the one I am typing this out on now, but she doesn’t really understand a lot of what I really wish she would.  Oh she can start Notepad ok… and a browser… but I can’t tell her to find our latest episode.  She just gets… well… confused… and starts telling me about a cream I could apply.  I don’t use Apple products so I really don’t have any personal experiences with Siri… except one. She tends to interrupt conversations I am having with people who do use her.  I understand that those instances are fewer now than they were a few years ago… but still.  Relax lady… its not all about you ok!

Can We Even Get Close?

I just don’t think we will see our beloved Jarvis any time soon I’m afraid. In an article written in 2013 for Forbes Magazine, Tony Bradley stated that a couple of devs (developers in the biz) were trying to get us there.  Chiragh Dewan and Himanshu Vaishnav got a few others together and they started out to create… Jarvis.  They actually named the Operating System (OS) that.  They created an 18-minute video showing off their work to that point, and it could actually do some interesting things.  The problem is… I couldn’t find anything more on their progress 4 years later.  Perhaps then the closest we will come is the classic Jarvis:  a man-servant… flesh and bone (so to speak)… a steward.


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Author: Rick Wilke

This native Coloradoan is the elder of the group. He is a husband and a step-father. When he’s not working he can be found producing videos for his and other YouTube Channels, playing a guitar, or watching his much beloved University of Denver Pioneers Hockey Team.

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