Podcast? Why a Podcast? Scratchd’s Origin Story


Why did we decide to do this podcast?  Who’s idea was this? What is this podcast about? Glad you asked.  It’s high time we told that story don’t you think?

Podcast Genesis

So there I was… two dudes starin’ me down waitin’ for me to make my move.  HA!  No not really.  Eloy is the reason we are here at all truthfully.  If he hadn’t asked me to be on an interview show with him, I would never have met Ryan.  From then on, we talked every now and again before we ever started really bonding as a trio.  Ryan had done interviews on Eloy and myself, but we were always pretty busy doing solo projects of some sort before that night.  Anyway…  we were all together in a Google Hangout January 15, 2017,  just jack-jawing as we tended to do off and on and things got really funny.  Eloy and I have a tendency to go back and forth in a game of who can top the other one’s one-liner and Ryan stopped us with one sentence.  “That would make a really good podcast.”  That’s it.  That’s really all he had to say to get things going.  What?  You expected a burning bush or divine intervention? No it’s really that simple. “That would make a really good podcast.”


Podcast Gestation: Four Hours Later

It’s funny now that I look back some on what has really only been a couple of months in time… sure seems like longer.  I don’t mean that in a derogatory way at all.  We act as if have known each other forever; in fact Ryan’s wife made that very comment to my wife after listening to Episode 101. They listen together now when they can.  It’s weird… I know. At any rate after Ryan dropped that single line on us, we decided… on a whim… to really try to put something cohesive together.  We didn’t want to do a regular podcast though.  We wanted something different.  Something rather unique… at least in our estimation.  We knew right away that we wanted funny, topical, interesting and sometimes controversial.  That leads me to a subject I swore I would never speak of in public again.  This is writing… not speaking… so I am good there.  We got around to creating a name.  I was at a loss, as was Ryan I think… but by now you all know Eloy’s mind never stops working.  He said… “How about ‘Dingle and the Berries?’ ”  For the next two hours he put up the most cunning and heartfelt defense of a single idea I have ever witnessed.  In the end he lost… but he fought the good fight.


Scratchd Podcast as a Concept

We decided we would compromise.  Rather than go down the dark path Eloy had tried to set us upon, we decided to find a middle ground.  Ryan… I think it was Ryan… said “So instead of :: snickering:: that other one…” referring to the previous name, “…what do you think of when you say it?”  We all burst out laughing again, partly because of the sophomoric ideas floating around in our heads at the thought of an answer, but also because how do you make a name from… well… THAT?? Finally, we collected ourselves enough… Eloy had a stretch because we had been sitting there for hours, and he reached up to scratch his arm pit.  Ryan posed the name “Scratched”.  He explained the idea came to him… yes because of Eloy’s exaggerated arm pit view we were just treated to… but we were literally making this thing from scratch.  I think I suggested removing the “E” at the end… and the name stuck.  From there we had to decide on a format.  Instantly we all agreed.  “Let’s do a show about… well… nothing!  No format.  No scripting.  Nothing. It’s the conversations that are interesting and funny.  Let’s turn on the mics, record… and… yeah.”  So that’s what we do.  We hit record and just… talk.  HA!  Seriously.  I can’t make this stuff up.  Well… I mean… You know what I mean.


Podcast Negotiation: Last Hour and Episode One

From there it was a whirlwind of activity.  Is the domain available?  Can we get an email? How should we record it? Where do we post it?  Are we really sure we don’t want to go with Dingle and the Berries? (Eloy trying one more valiant attempt to sway us) What I do remember clearly though is by the end of the night… we were on to something and I was getting REALLY excited to test it out. I loaded up a piece of software and we checked the sound quality as I recorded us in the hangout.  I knew it was going to be rough.  I knew there was going to be a need to clean it up.  What I didn’t know then was… Ryan’s workspace is in his bedroom.  His wife… God love her… was trying to get some sleep while we were putting all this together.  Eloy and I really didn’t know!  As we are recording a test piece… none of us can keep a straight face because the lovely, petite, cherub-like, blonde whom we now affectionately refer to as “The Scratchd H.R. Lady” is slowly but surely building up a snoring fit that would rival the decibel level of a McCulloch chain saw! At one point Ryan leaned over and lovingly yet firmly said “HEY!” Long pause as she slowly woke up some “Stop snorin!” We lost it.  Shortly after that I added what had been until recently our intro music and modulated podcast name.  That became Episode One.  Scratchd H.R. Lady made me promise upon pain of death that I would never air it.  Damn its funny though!


Scratchd: Ten Episodes and Two Months In

As time has moved on we have learned a ton.  To make Episode 101, 102 and 103 we used the first five hours of recording.  By the by… that was also the first night’s recording.  Yep.  Five hours with only a couple of stops along the way.  Sick right?  Now we do two or three hours.  We’re getting better. HA! We’ve had a guest and we plan on having more.  We’ve done a live show and plan more of those.  We’ve tinkered with all kinds of subjects and ideas to make the show better for you, our much beloved and faithful audience. We’ve changed the length of the episodes and soon will change the frequency in which we release them.  We’ve added articles like this one to share more of us with you.  A fan page was created on Facebook which has even more materials for you to enjoy. Soon you will be able to see us as we record the show too.  Not live every time, but close.  These are all suggestions from you or ideas we’ve adapted to make a better Scratchd experience.


Let us know if you think of anything else you would like to see or hear from us below!



Author: Rick Wilke

This native Coloradoan is the elder of the group. He is a husband and a step-father. When he’s not working he can be found producing videos for his and other YouTube Channels, playing a guitar, or watching his much beloved University of Denver Pioneers Hockey Team.

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