Scratchd 105 – The Canadians Are Coming


Join the guys from Scratchd as they talk to one of their Canadian friends about comic books, movies and more in this episode of Scratchd.

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Show Notes

Find out more about our guest, Allen Robinson. Here are some places you can find Allen:

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

His cheek bones are delicious -Allen

See Rick’s Deep Thoughts segment

Kevin Smith –

Adam West as Batman

My nickname has become nut cushion – Allen

Wonder Woman

Punisher –

Daredevil Season 2 –

TMNT / Daredevil crossover –

homagenaise – Eloy

Jerky Boys –

But my wand stayed in my pants – Rick

Hardy Boys –

Goosebumps –

Shannara Chronicles –

Merlin –

Excalibur –

Beastmaster –

Heavy Metal –

The Wall (movie) –

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Author: Ryan Bitters

Hailing from the state of Ohio and the youngest of the trio, Ryan spends the majority of his time creating maker content for both YouTube and his website under the name Waylight Creations, which he operates with his loving wife Amy.

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