Scratchd 108 – Live Naked Star Trek Commies

star trek

Join the guys from Scratchd on this week’s journey as they talk about a wide range of stuff including; candy nostalgia, communism, Star Trek and more.

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Show Notes

Woodturners Anonymous Links:

Scratchd Live Recording

If you would like to see the live session that was recorded to get this episode check out the YouTube link that follows. Also, while you are there, consider subscribing to our YouTube channel for more content just like it in the future. – 

NCAA Basketball Tournaments –

I think sports are unhealthy for you – Eloy

Bryan Bales –

Shogun-Jimi –

Communism sucks – Eloy

What is communism? –

Indifference runs rampant through our society – Rick

Sacred Cows –

And that’s how hamburgers are made – Ryan

Today’s communist countries –

Big League Chew –

I’d rather lurk than gag – Eloy

Candy Cigarettes –

Boston Bakes Beans –

Magic Balloon –

Do your kids look in four directions? – Rick

Heath Knuckles –

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Author: Ryan Bitters

Hailing from the state of Ohio and the youngest of the trio, Ryan spends the majority of his time creating maker content for both YouTube and his website under the name Waylight Creations, which he operates with his loving wife Amy.

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