Scratchd 112 – Solitary Living, The Mayor and Theft


In this episode of Scratchd we examine solitary living, the idea that copying is not theft, and the scary side of self-employment.

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Show Notes

Solitary Living, The Mayor and Theft

Public Recognition

“Do you do a podcast?” Rick’s co-worker


Health care when self-employed

“Its a risk you take.” Ryan


Solitary living

“I can come and go as I choose without worrying that I have to focus on another human being as opposed to my dog.” Eloy


Orlando Lopez
The Recall Effort

“They’re trying to oust me.” Eloy paraphrasing Mayor Orlando Lopez


Copying Projects

Salvador Dahli theft quote

Keith Richards and stolen music claims

“Copying is not theft.” Eloy

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Author: Rick Wilke

This native Coloradoan is the elder of the group. He is a husband and a step-father. When he’s not working he can be found producing videos for his and other YouTube Channels, playing a guitar, or watching his much beloved University of Denver Pioneers Hockey Team.

2 thoughts on “Scratchd 112 – Solitary Living, The Mayor and Theft”

  1. That is so awesome that your show is out there and people are talking about it on the train.
    Awesome show guys.

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