Scratchd 113 – Live and Twitchin Double Live Broadcast


In this Twitchin episode of Scratchd we examine we examine the decline of modern civilization into an apocalyptic showdown where one man defends his family against another.

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Show Notes


Zombie Apocalypse

Societal Collapse

“BOOM.” – Rick

Ratchet and Clank

Anomic aphasia

“That’s why I try to call people by their last names” – Eloy

Natural Selection

Apocalypse Safe Zones

Panic Room


“I’m going on the assumption that I say I don’t give up anything from my family to help someone else… because that would just be ridiculous in that scenario.” – Ryan

Red Dawn

Cuban Embargo

The Man in the High Castle

The Woods Have Eyes


“Amy thought it said: anal vice.” -Ryan

Yogi Berra



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Author: Rick Wilke

This native Coloradoan is the elder of the group. He is a husband and a step-father. When he’s not working he can be found producing videos for his and other YouTube Channels, playing a guitar, or watching his much beloved University of Denver Pioneers Hockey Team.

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