Scratchd 115 – Fishing Tales and the Beard of Legendary Defense

fishing tales

Things gets a little fishy in this episode of Scratchd as we examine the mortality of pets and get the story of the epic beard that graces Eloy’s face, henceforth to be known as the Beard of Legendary Defense.

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Show Notes

Fishing Tales

Family Guy Podcast EpisodeWatch it here on Hulu

Rick: We had a death in the family…

Ryan & Eloy: Oh, I’m sorry…

Rick: I’m not, it was a fish, who cares.

Ceviche – dish Rick mentioned

To get an idea of what a belly boat is –

250lb man spears fish with nipple – Rick

Pinnacle Studio

Google Pixel

No Country for Old Men

Master and Commander


Javier Bardem

Correction on Nerdwriter: the following video mentioned by Ryan was from the channel CineFix.

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