Scratchd 117 – Zombie Foot Fetish


Hangout with the guys from Scratchd as they reminisce about some chill-inducing horror movies and weigh in with their thoughts on the zombie genre of TV shows and movies. It doesn’t stop there. Here a story from Ryan about a sobering encounter with The Exorcist. Journey down memory lane with Eloy as he touches upon some under-cover antics that go slightly awry. And stick around for Rick’s many thoughts on emus, thunder-snow and yes… even dog farts.


Links Of Interest

Walking Dead

Game of Thrones

28 Days Later



Friday The 13th

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Author: Ryan Bitters

Hailing from the state of Ohio and the youngest of the trio, Ryan spends the majority of his time creating maker content for both YouTube and his website under the name Waylight Creations, which he operates with his loving wife Amy.

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